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Early Life

Grabbz grew up in Toronto, Canada with his mother & 2 siblings. He’s always had a passion to pursue music ever since he was a pre teen playing a number of instruments such as the Tuba, Drums & Clarinet. He loved the music but thought the opportunities to make it big were slim as he got older.

After becoming a young father & getting kicked out of high school months before graduating. Mr. Campbell made one last push at bettering himself by attending The Academy of Design for sound technology. At that time in life, he nor any of his family members were financially capable of paying tuition, so he ended up putting his passion for music on hold to provide. Considering he had no education at the time, employment was a challenge which steered him down the wrong roads. One of those roads includes Mr. Campbell being sentenced to do some time in a federal institution. These very transgressions would only lead him into a mindset that drove him to achieve his diploma while incarcerated in Collins Bay Institution.


Grabbz has been making music for years. But only now is he focused on letting the world hear his art. We’re sure to be hearing a lot more from him because when he hits the on switch; he’s focused. Grabbz debut single Nasty released on January 5th and has heads nodding in approval with questions already anticipating the next release. He was also featured on Yo Gotti’s Dolla fo Dolla track and totally destroyed it.

With those questions he surely responded quickly by giving fans another Hit Single “TOONIES LOONIES”.

Check out the preview here


Since finishing his parole late 2011, Grabbz has been committed to operating his company No Glass Ceiling Inc. by introducing Grabba to Canadians sparing no Provinces. Applying everything he’s learned from his education & the streets, & conjoining them with his legal business activities. Now considered the #1 distributor in Canada for Raw Leaf Tobacco & an Emerging Artist making a lot of noise with his single “Nasty”


Office => (1-800)-658-5697



Toronto, Ontario M1V 4C9

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